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Let me tell you a little bit about My name is Dean Misenhimer. I created this website to share my experience as a Sales Engineer, selling and promoting enterprise software in all parts of the world. Hopefully you’ll find some information here that is useful and will benefit you in your technical sales career.

A little bit about my background. I have spent the past 30 years working in Technical Sales and Marketing for software companies large and small. I have been part of paired Sales teams (1:1), pooled Sales teams (many:1), I’ve managed teams of Sales Engineers, worked as a Product Marketing Directory and run Marketing for two different companies. As a result. I have had the opportunity to travel around the world, working with Sales teams in EMEA, Japan, Asia, ANZ and North America. I’ve worked with a lot of really talented people over the years at companies like Cimage, Documentum, Kofax, MontaVista Software and others.

I love my work and the experiences it has provided. I won’t list my whole work history here. If you want the full breakdown on my career in software sales, feel free to check out my LinkedIn profile.

The views and opinions expressed here are mine or those of guest authors and do not necessarily reflect the policy or opinions of my employer. Any content provided by the authors are of their opinion, and are not intended to malign any company, individual or anyone or anything.

The Purpose of the Site

I created this site as a way to share knowledge and information on technical sales and being a sales engineer. The industry has changed tremendously over the years. How we sell products, how we market our software, even how we do do product demonstrations continues to evolve and change. However, some basic selling concepts are not a lot different than they were when I started 30 years ago.

No one, at least not that I’ve met, starts their career saying I want to be a Sales Engineer (or SE for short). Most of the SE’s I know drifted into the job from other roles or industries. I personally spent a dozen years in the Oil and Gas industry before joining my first software company (blog post here). As a result, I discovered I liked implementing software much more than I liked drawing with it.

I want the site to be interactive. Please feel free to comment on the blog posts and provide feedback via email or the Contact Us form. If you want to be a Guest Blogger, please raise your hand. The more points of view we have the better.

All content is licensed for non-commercial use under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 license. To inquire about commercial use of any content, please contact me via email.

Thanks and good selling!

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