The resource page is a list of different reference sites and media assets I’ve found useful over the years. Some of them are just for fun, others are helpful resources you can turn to with a quick question and some are educational assets. If you have any favorites, email us or comment below and we’ll add them to the resource page!

Assets & Media

The Role of Product Management – this paper is written by Pragmatic Marketing. The topic is how a market-driven focus leads companies to build products people want to buy. It’s a great insight into the overall product definition process.

I’m Linux is a fun video we shot (around 2007) for a contest hosted by the Linux Foundation. The basic concept was a short video that promoted the use of Linux in a variety of different devices. A younger version of me makes an appearance at the 00:00:28 mark. It’s a nice example of how you can use video to market your products or message.


All the resources on my resource page are ones I’ve used over the years.

Azure Trust Center – Everything you ever wanted to know about Azure security, infrastructure and more

AudioBooks – Need new reference books? Don’t have time to read? Get 50% Off your first digital audiobook with our discount code at

Debug View – need to see what a program is doing?

Fiddler – can’t figure out what a web app is doing?

File Extension Database – what type of file is that?

General Records Schedule – The GRS developed and updated by the National Archive of the United States

Image Metadata Viewer – need to see the metadata of any image file? Check out Jeffrey’s Image Metadata Viewer.

Internet Archive Wayback Machine – want to see what any website looked like back in the day?

Keyword Query Language – work with SharePoint or Office 365 Search? Need a query reference? Here you go.

MDN Web Docs – Mozilla Developer Network online documentation. A great resources for a number of web development languages

Online Conversion – convert length, area, volume between any method of measurement.

PDF to Word Convertor – Need to convert the RFP or RFI to Word so you can respond? This is a free online convertor I’ve used a few different times.

Pixabay Free Images & ClipArt – Royalty free images and clip art you can use on your presentations, blogs and much more. One of my favorites.

Project File Viewer – Have a Microsoft Project (.mpp, .mpt, .mpx or .xml) file? Don’t have Microsoft project?

Regular Expression Builder – need to create a RegEx expression to find a credit card number? Or a Tax ID number?

Speed Test – an HTML5 online speed test. No apps or plug-ins required

Subway Maps via – this site has subway maps from around the world available online. Need to get back to your hotel? Can’t get a taxi? Catch a train.

Wand General Business Taxonomy – need a quick business taxonomy?

Windows 10 ‘God Mode’ Folder – view administrative tools, backup and restore options and other important management settings from a single window

Wordle – Need a word cloud for a website or presentation?

World Time Server Meeting Planner – need to plan a meeting with attendees in the United States, India, Hong Kong and Australia?

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